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Bryce Tutorials

3D Text
Create the text in Photoshop or your favourite painting program. All painting programs allow you to create white text on a black background.

3D Text
Here are a couple of other ways to use your 3D text.

A Simple Waterfall
In this article you gonna learn to achieve the effect of a single terrain for the waterfall. Surrounding terrains are added plus a sky preset and a water plane.

Advanced Linking I
First steps in the Advanced linking. In this example the little cage is the parent of the cones and it only transfers it's size, which you can set in the Attributes dialog.

Advanced Linking II
Second part of Advanced Linking lesson. In this example only rotation is transferred from the little sphere to the cones which are building up the iris.

Amplification I
Amplification can be used for a lot of nice effects. Very usefull lesson.

Amplification II
Here is a second part of Amplifications...... The principle lined out in the previous example can be used in several ways: You can use it to amplify rotation or scale.

Another Brick in the Wall
In any regular 3D application, making realistic wall is fairly simple. You simply have to apply a 2d texture on a square, with appropriate bump maps, to get really good results.

Bat and Fairy Wings
The effect you are going to achieve after you walk through this lesson is a slim, bony framework with a transparent membrane stretched across.

Batch Rendering
If you are tired of having to wait that Bryce3D has finished rendering your image untill you can start the next one then you should use this tutorial.

To get warmed up, we're going to do a simple object that requires no booleans. This is for those who are just getting their feet wet in Bryce. For those of you who are looking for more advanced instruction, stick around; there will be plenty of boolean tutorials for everyone.

Boolean Modeling
Boolean Modeling is the ability to model 3D objects using a combination of the primitive objects provided with the program. In Boolean Modeling what you are doing is adding, subtracting, or intersecting one object that overlaps another, and grouping them to create a new shape.

Boolean Operations
Use the Boolean operations to create a bowl with some water...

Breaking Glass
The object of the exercise is to produce an image, say of a wine glass with a piece broken out of it.

Bright Eyes, Moist Lips
You can make the eyes look bright and the lips moist by using a second texture map. Learn more about it in this article.

Bryce Terranoids
In this tutorial you will learn how to make strange shapes with the terrain editor of Bryce 2 or Bryce 3.

Bryce Tips
The KPT Bryce Tips bryce 3d technique index contains tips, techniques and tutorials for KPT Bryce.

Brycian Roads
This image was made using one 256 grid terrain and one water plane. Used technique can carve horizontal roads onto your Bryce terrains.

Brycian Trees
This tutorial concentrates on how the branch was made, starting with a symmetrical lattice object.

Building Craters
A Different Way To The Crater By Andy Yue.

Creating Cityscapes
Bryce is primarily known for its fantastic ability to create photo-realistic 3D landscapes. The creators of the software also included the ability to model 3D objects using a combination of the primitive objects provided with the program.

Creating Fluted Columns
Using the powerful features of Bryce's Terrain Editor will create more crumbling columns than Thor can heave thunderbolts at!

Creating Infinite Tiled Planes
In this tutorial, we explore creating a unique tiled plane.

An Introduction to Creating Virtual Landscapes
You supply the imagination and the computer, Bryce provides the powerful engine for creating your landscape. But, before you can drive the car, you've got to know where the controls are and how they work.

Crescent Moons and Planets
These operations were carried out on the PC Windows version of Bryce 3D Rev 3.1

Deep Textures
Bryce Deep Texture tutorial starts with 14 categories of textures, starting from plain, noiseless procedural textures, ending with complex three component and four texture surfaces.

Direct Path Editing
Instructions on Direct Path Editing.

Disco Ball Effect
An attempt to reproduce the effect of the reflected lights from a faceted and mirrored ball as is found in Discos and Dance Halls.

Dishes and Plates
Dishes and plates produced in the following manner will not exhibit the plygonal edges often seen in imported DFX models.

Dragon Eyes and Alpha
Dragon Eyes and Alpha Channels is about how to use alpha channel transparency to create a glowing eye effect.

Dressing up the DXF
These operations were carried out on the PC Windows version of Bryce 3D and only apply to imported DXF object files and then only those with a flattish configuration. Perfect for saucer shapes. The procedure does not produce the same effect on grouped objects created in Bryce.

Exact Sun and Moon Locations
If you would like to place the sun or the moon at a certain location of the picture, let's say exactly at the tip of a mountain? To learn how follow the tutorial on this page.

Fake Reflection of Light
In this picture you have the reflection of the lit spheres in the mirror (nothing special here) as well as the reflected light! Nice trick.

Family Affairs
In this example the turbine blades are linked to the turbine hub (which is itself linked to the case). Their origin handle is moved to the turbine hub and they are all in one family, so they easily can be selected and animated separately without interfering with the normal animation.

Fractal Terrains
Everything is included in this tutorial- the images found here, as well as the scene file used for this tutorial in a ZIP file which you can open up in Bryce 2 and Bryce 3D so you can study it.This tutorial is on how you can turn a fractal into a terrain in Bryce from Metatools.

Galactic Backgrounds
A brief tutorial on galactic backgrounds.

Gemstones from Pyramids
Draw a pyramid using the squat one. Click on A to bring up the Attributes dialogue box...

Importing Pictures
The image in this document "Purple Haze", is comprised of just two objects, the tiled infinite plane, and the picture of Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar...

Making Chains
Making a length of chain using a Multi-Replicated Torus is easy - just follow these steps.

Making Craters
Learn how to create a Craters following the instructions on this page.

Mastering Landscapes
In this tutorial, the author will discuss the creation of the image shown on the title page. He will explain step by step how all the elements were created and why he chose the settings that heused.

Miracle Trees
Step by step instructions on how to create a "realistic" tree in Bryce using two intersecting symmetrical lattice objects.

Moon and Stars
An easy way to position the Moon and the Stars using Bryce.

Object Specific Anti-aliasing
Learn more about the Object specific Antialiasing.

Organic Modeling
Images don't have much to do with modeling tricks, or 3D effects, but rather, with the idea the author is trying to express.

Picture Cube
Learn method to create a cube out of pyramids and applies each image to a separate pyramid using Object Top mapping.

Pouring Water
Create bottle, sky and water plane. Create a ripple at the base of the lattice in Photoshop...

The Queen
An incredible image made with incredible software. A tutorial bu Mr Martin Murphy.

Rendering Wireframe Animations
Learn how to control the flow of an animation.

Ring Lake
You can create cratered mesas or any type of terrain that requires digging out the centre with hogh clipping.

Secret Texture Library
This tutorial purpose is to show where the Texture Library is and how to use it.

Simple Comets
Follow the steps in this tutorial and learn how to make comets.

Simulated Blurred Props
Simulating Blurred Propellers in Bryce.

Shells and Ram Horns
Instructions on how to make Shells and Ram Horns......Create a torus and rotate it from the vertical to the horizontal (hold down the shift key whilst rotating to rotate in 45 degree steps).

Space Scenes
In this tutorial the author will cover all the aspects of creating space scenes.Tutorial is split into three parts for aesthetic reasons and also to decrease loading time.

Streaming Light Rays
This document teaches you everything about Streaming Light Rays.

Terrain Editor
The terrain editor holds half a ton of easter eggs... I will cover only a few here: There's a extremely cool new fractal terrain...

Texture Presets
Learn that the Textures are the basic building blocks of materials and more.

Texture Tutorial
There are already one or two of these Tutorials on this subject, but none are for a TOTAL beginner, some or missing some steps that are obvious to those that really know Poser3 and Bryce3D and others are without visual help.

Torus Editor
Have a closer look in Torus editor on this page.

Underwater Scenes
The sky tools in Bryce provide a powerful method of creating an underwater environment. They allow us to mimic the colors of light filtering through water and the haze and fog controls allow us to create the illusion of particles suspended in the water. This is the most important part of an underwater scene.

Unity Concept
Unity is the default state for an object. Unity includes size & rotation. The fun thing is that you can set this unity state, even for groups!

Using Negative Lights
Since Bryce 3.1. the light value in the light editor can hold values between -999 and 999. Beside that you can have just brighter lights now, you also can use negative lights.

Volume Lights
In final image you'll see that the light is shining through the window and the light beams are visible. This is a simple effect that can be used in many ways.

Volumetric Falling Snow
You can vary the scale to produce larger or smaller snowflakes and altering the size of the sphere has some effect.

Warrior Blade
This is an informative beginning to a series of tutorials and tips on the use of the Terrain Editor in Bryce 3D.

Web Textures
You can create many unique textures with Bryce for your web pages. Here are few interesting tips.

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