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 Free Models

Andrew Marshall
3DS files: butterfly, missles, sword, flower, smallplant, clock, wasp, glassjars

The objects and characters in truespace COB forma

Some of the tutorials in this section are for Basic level, and were made with 3D Studio MAX 3.0 . Find alsoMisc 3DS: Lamppost, Poles, Box, Frame, Extintor, Key, Door bolt, Container, Table, Coca Cola, Chandelier

This 3D CAFE site is owned by John and he represents few creations like Harrier Jumpjet 3ds, Pinball machine 3ds, Billboard 3ds, Pickup 3ds

Geometrix Gallery
The message from the authors: "Our mission is to provide the world's most automated software-based tools for modeling the real world in 3D digital form. Our goal is to save animators and modeling professionals hours, days, or even weeks by using our VideoModeling systems to convert video sequences of objects and scenes into fully-textured 3D models."

75 misc. objects in formats 3DS and MAX

The 3DStudio
The 3D Studio is one of the rare sites on the Internet with 91 free pre-textured models in MAX format, 302 free high quality textures, 52 free 3D Studio MAX tutorials, and 58 categorized and ranked 3D Studio MAX resource links.

Digital Animators Models
Here is a small archive of 3D models that was obtained over the years. Some of these models are zip files and require you to unzip them with a decompression like (Winzip, Pkunzip, Stuffit and etc.).


  • Syndesis 3D-ROM #2 - More Models from Syndesis
  • Avalon Collection - Many PD Models and 3D Utils
  • LightWave 3D Objects - Now for SGI, PC's and Amiga
  • Imagine 3D Objects - Objects for Imagine PC and Amiga
  • 3D Studio Meshes - DOS based 3D package objects
  • DXF Objects - Autocad objects usable with 3D Studio and others

Fast 3D File Format Viewing and Converting. Hundreds and hundreds of high quality free 3D models (and also free) 3D file format viewer.

World War II 3D
Welcome to World War II 3D, the Internet’s premiere site for Poser 4 characters and meshes related to the Second World War. You will find a selection of weapons, headgear, custom textures and full, ready-to-use characters, free for use in your projects.

Fierce Studios
On this site you will find 3D Art and Film music works from professional renaissance man Joel Payne as well as a free Industry phone book, sound effects, model, texture and music libraries.

US Army TEC 3D Model Library
Here you can download four hundred models in dxf, obj, and iv format from the ITD category of the Category Table. The 3-D Model Library contains Computer Aided Design (CAD) models of the U.S. and Foreign military equipment in flt, obj, dwb, dxf, iv, object, s1000 and vert/poly formats.

Ed Giddings 3D Models
Most of the models you can find here are Star Trek related there are few that aren't in the Stargate and Miscellaneous Section. Misc. meshes in COB formatb also.

Free Objects
All models on this page are in 3D Studio MAX format and include maps.

Captain Future's Comet 3dsMAX model of the Spaceship 'Comet' from the animated series 'Captain Future'.

Resource 3D
This website has been developed primarily for the 3Dcomputer artist and programmer. Using SQL database technology and linking it with Allaire ColdFusion we have been able to develop a site where the artist has full control over the sales of there products, namely, 3Dmodels, Plugins, Textures and Tutorials.

Virtual Horizon
Learn how to create Drumset, Modern chair, bicycle in 3DS format.

3D-Ring Freeloader's Freeloader section is THE place to download 3D models and textures. These models have been contributed by generous supporters of
lightsource-3d Objects
Lightwave Object Collection. These Objects are Freeware and some even Coolware.

Klickers 3D-Studio Pages
Here are some free 3DS-models and special 3D-Studio R3/4 MATERIAL LIBRARY with various metals, glas etc.

Majic Software : 3DLinx
Make your 3D models come to life quickly and easily with this real-time, interactive development environment!

"Our mission is to provide 3D virtual world construction tools, which are indispensable for the real object 3D archiving but currently immature in terms of both technology and market." Download free 3D models made by RapidForm Scanner: Venus Bust, pig, hand, dinosaur...

Virtuaali Mike
Konnichiwa! These pages are personal 2D+3D art portfolio, the VirtuaaliMIKE. A few nicely done models in dxf format, machine gun, Mech, bomb cart, warehouse, and a flying saucer.

Willkommen! Well done Science Fiction 3D Objects for Cinema 4D and Bryce. This site is in German.

Paradigm Productions

Their FTP
Samples of the most recent Projects: Architectural Interiors, Landscape Exeriors, People, Transportation. Lightwave format.

Great Escape Studios
The Great Escape Studios creates tons of Sci-Fi Meshes for FREE, The latest Starships like the Steamrunner, the Akira, or Saber Class Starships from the Startrek Universe - Or the Stargate Model Mesh!

Digital Magic
Welcome to DIGITAL magic Modelbank! Interior models, trees, sci-fi guns and ships. LWO, and 3DS Objects.

3D Total
A new site is here to help promote 3d artists around the world and provide free libraries, news, compilation CD's and advice to all. Have a growing archive of free 3ds objects in numerous categories.

Welcome to the Sumrall Works Inc Freebie Multi-Server! Misc. Free Rhino 3D Objects...

These misc. COB files have been custom created by Mark Doan.

TrueSpace Best of the Best
Here you will find objects made by either the Author of the page or a contributing modeler. Lot's of free objects like Mechs, planes, and military vehicles. COB Format.

Mesh Shop
Currently ~ 26 ~ free quality models and growing fast! Mesh Shop brings you completely free 3D models in DXF and sPatch format.

Luna See
This page presents you with Poser Figures and 3ds format objects.
McV 3D Models
All in MAX Format: Bells, Books, bottles, boxes,d ice, electric bulb, joystick, neon car, snowman, test tubes, Air pressure measuring instrument, candle sticks, chair, globe, maps and pencils, petrolium lamp, picture, picture frame, train, treasure, TV, Vases.

Modern Medium
Delivery Van, China Cabinet, Man, Porsche 930, Scaleable Free Stand, Sportfisher 34 Ford, Piano, Boing 747, Canopy Bed, Canopy Bed.

MasterClips 3D
If you are "in" Kazoo 3D format this is the right place for you.

Geo-metricks is committed to building low polygon 3D models suitable for real-time applications.

Frank Ramsay
Here are few more great Science Fiction TrueSpace files.

Chemical Studios
Very good collection of Bryce materials and tons of models in 3ds format.
AxeMan's Model Page
Here are few of the models created mainly with Lightwave 3D. As a result most are available only in .lwo format.

Raydream Model File Library
Raydream Model File Library contains files on the Clock, Fireplace, Old Globe, Wingback Chair.

Ray Dream Studio Models
This is a collection of models and scenes created with Ray Dream Studio.

Poser Props Modellers Guild
Poser props in many categories.

Ethereal 3d
Free 3D Objects and Scene Files. These objects and scenes include ALL image maps. Pop can, and scissors objects in lightwave format.

On this page you will find 60+ original GED & S3D format objects for Visual Reality 1.5+ and Micrografx's Simply 3D2+. All of the Simply 3D objects are pre-textured and ready to render.

3D Objects, Animations and Design. Logos, VRML sites and Graphic Designs.

3D-Site Model Mart
Downloadable 3D Objects.

Scott's Way
Download free ray dream5 models that can't be found anywhere else. "The craziest ,wackiest, 3D site on the internet."

Bushi's Graphics Homepage
Bushi's Poser3 / 4 Poseable Models + Special Poser4 Poseable Models

Little 3D-Studio
Here are some free 3DS-models and special 3D-Studio R3/4 MATERIAL LIBRARY (460kB!) with various metals, glas etc. . The library includes reflection-maps for some 3D-models! Home interiors, furniture etc.

Great Escape Studios
Gallery of Spaceships. truesepace Object archive of Sci-Fi vehicles.

War Toys
Welcome to Wartoys! FREE Military & Sci-Fi Animated gifs and 3D Meshes!

Steel 3D
This page brings you the best Free 3D vehicle meshes on the Net! They were selected from various sources on the WWW.

Motion Art
A few misc lwo objects: A car, U-Haul, Bus, cassette, newspaper box. "If you're thinking of using what you download, Remember! There are a lot of other people who have them too, including companies... Use them wisely." -David Campbell -

Chris' Babylon 5 Models
Modeled by Chris Guinn and Eric Peterson. As the title say's, done in truespace.

Frank Ramsay's Site
Sci-Fi models in truespace format and tips and tutorials.

Naït Arab Zinédine
A book, a candle, a highly detailed hand in 3ds format.

Virus's Homepage
Free props for Poser 3.0 and Free Movies Meshes in 3ds Format.

Free 3D Models of Great Buildings
Hundreds of free 3D walkthough architectural computer models are included here at the Great Buildings Online web site, linked with free DesignWorkshop Lite architectural 3D walkthrough software for both Windows 95/98/NT and Power Macintosh.

Gold Abstracts
GOLD ABSTRACTS-collection of objects in 3ds format.

Glen P. Gordon
Models of the Titanic, an F14, and the USS Enterprise.

Jim's Sci-Fi 3D Models Page
Do pay this excellent site a visit as there are other models available, as well as textures, and lots of links to other sites. Dr. Who, Lost In Space, Forbidden Planet, Terminator, and other Sci-Fi meshes in 3ds format.

The Labyrinth
The downloadable meshes and textures here are modeled by the various artists. Star Trek Meshes, Babylon 5 Meshes, Classic Meshes and links to other Sci-Fi theme mesh sites.

Barry's truespace Follow the instructions and learn how to make Glass, Lightpost, Deck, Cannon, Knife, Horns.

3D Majik
3D Majik has many high quality commercial and free models in 3DS Max format.

Poser Models
Free Poser 3 Morph Targets, both in cr2 and obj format.

Welcome to Cygnus 3D. Here is the completed version of Venusian Rain and others.
Alladin 4D Models
4D Models in .4D format.

Collection of 3D Objects in different categories.

Kinetic Images
Information, Tutorials, Objects, and Links pertaining to Impulse's Imagine 3D and Metacreation's Poser 4 and Painter 3D.

Here you will find Tap Root's library of 3d models. All of the models here may be used in your own scenes and projects.

Steve McIntyre
Large collection of miscellanious Objects in COB format.


Digital Producer
Great sellection of Lightwave and 3DS Models.

NightCrafts Lair
This is an ever growing collection. Everything here was created using 3D Studio Max.

Spacecraft Models - for 3D animators.
"These are the experiments and investigations and failures and discoveries and successes we've had in the last year." ...VRML Objects and Avatars

William LeFlic
Free lightwave objects-Superman, Batman...

Home of the Virtual Characters Depot. 3D artists all around the world want to share 3D Character with you.

G'Kane Babylon 5 Models
For this page we recommend you use at least a 4.x browser and have the Shockwave Flash Plugin installed.

WWII Models
This site contains some models of WWII vehicles.

Baumgarten Enterprises
The models on these pages are 3D representations of real-world items. They are used by various artists, animators, graphic designers for their projects.

TwoMoon Media
This page has a range of free 3D models(in lots of formats)as well as some for-sale items.

Dreams and Magic
High quality 3d models for rendering and real-time applications in any of the major formats. LWO, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, and MAX. Over a dozen free meshes, lots of textures, and web art.

Creator Studio's Top 100 Characters Library
Huge selection of models. Tutorials are offered also[over 100]...Aliens, Animals, Dinosaurs, Dragon, Mechwarriors, Men, Monsters...

Pixelizer's Truespace objects
Here you'll find objects that the author modelled for use in Truespace - a program by Caligari...COB format

Norman's Free 3D Models
Here are some models that you can use in your projects. They are all 3dsmax scenes.

Vehicles in truespace3 cob format.

Scorpion Software
All models on this page are created for or by Scorpion Software. ......FREE 3D Models in COB Format.

The Movie Mesh Site
This site is a collection of 3D Studio format MESH objects that are inspired by famous movies. All models featured on this site were made by D. PROCTOR.

Spline Archive
This page contains links to a few Animation Master models. Models include AM source files and texture maps.

Amazing 3D
Models are offered in the following file formats:.3DS, .MAX, VRML, or Truespace (.COB/.SCN)

Cult 3D
Cult3D, the interactive 3D solution, allows companies and designers to easily build and display high-quality interactive 3D graphics for Web sites, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat.

Flagship product, 3D Fashion StudioÔ , is the most advanced and only one integrated 3D clothing and human character simulation software for clothing designers and computer animators in the world.

Fluid3D Model Archive
Welcome to the digital portfolio of Thomas Atwood. It is divided into various topics that demonstrate the versatility of his skills and training. A few 3ds models available.

DigiGraph Technical
Most FREE models are available in DGN, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, RAW, TSB and WRL (VRML) 3D formats for PC, MAC and UNIX platforms. Follow the LIBRARY link.

3D Site Model Market
Downloadable 3D objects. Second in a long line of planned services, Model Market is a "voluntary contribution" store: here you can browse through 3D models, download the ones you need and/or donate your own models with an optional "suggested retail price" tag attached.

The scene consists of a globe with markers indicating the locations of JASON Project expeditions (magenta) and organizations associated with the Project (green).

VRML Model Shop
Welcome to the VRML Model Shop! The files on this page have been assembled to help you test and compare your VRML viewer(s).

Sample VRML Objects - All VRML files have been compressed with the gzip utility.

Free Prodevsys 3D Object of the Week
With our 3D Models we have introduced an industry first by applying CAD solid modeling technologies used in aero-space industries to film making and multimedia development.

Timo Vaisanen
Here you will find some nice objects in different formats and textures to download. It would be nice If you could show me the result, if you are going to use these objects and/or textures in some projects of yours.

University of Virginia: ALICE Project
These files will auto-install themselves. Download them then double click and follow the directions to put additional objects and textures into your Alice directories.

Electric Image
.hqx format (Mac)......ElectricImage is the first desktop 3D product to score major credits in such films as "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace", "Star Trek: First Contact", "The Mask" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

10 free objects in various formats.

Impulse is a maker of software for artists, and they specialize in 3D and Real Time systems.

3D Daily Library
It is our intent to provide a new, original 3D world or object every day - in VRML format and with an accompanying thumbnail .JPG image.

NewTek FTP
(Lightwave Models)

Flash Fire Designs

3D Cafe
A lots of free objects(.3ds .wrl .prj)

Bit Garden
High Quality 3D-CG Modeling Data (FREE)
( .dxf)

NewTek FTP
Download!!(Lightwave Models)

Paradigm Productions
NuGraf Rendering System -a cool 3D rendering and translation program. Download the demo and see for yourself...and lots more.

A dozen or so TrueSpace .cob objects. A website showcasing the art of Luisa Arevalo Klose.

StarTrek Next Generation Renderman
This is a small collection of Renderman Interface Byte steam (RIB) files of ships from Star Trek. All files are converted from publically-available 3D models available in other formats.

Strata object of the Week
Free Downloads Strata3D (Power Mac) Download (22 MB) Strata3D (Windows) Download (24 MB)...(.wrl .3dmf .hgx)

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. It is available in official versions for Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, the Macintosh, i86 Linux, SunOS, and Amiga... 3ds dxf raw pov mdl

This page has been superceded by John Wiseman's up-to-date index to shuttle models (Shuttle objects: .off).

Viewpoint DataLabs: Avalon
Avalon meshes: Anatomy, Animals, Architecture, Characters, Collections...

VRML WebOOgl Zoo
VRML/WebOOGL Zoo of Mathematical 3D Objects

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