Candy Ass (Cary S. Leibowitz)


o.T. / 1992 / verschiedene Objekte und Materialien

(CandyAss) (American, *1963)

Cary Leibowitz aka Candyass (born 1963) is an American conceptualist visual artist. His humorous artworks are a self-deprecating mélange of self-doubt, self-loathing as well as mirrors of overarching multicultural woe—particularly “Jewishness” set in a queer subtext. Leibowitz’s works are proclamations of outsider awareness, vain signboards of a visceral need to assimilate oneself within one’s cultural surroundings—an allusion to the horrors of the Holocaust and the necessity for Jews to “pass” as Gentiles. His works serve to question the role of art as The New York Times writer Holland Cotter espouses “post-beauty, post-theory, post-cool, post-mature.” Leibowitz’s work can be found in the permanent collection of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the Hirschhorn Museum, The Jewish Museum, New York; the Peter and Eileen Norton Collection and the Robert J Shiffler Foundation.