Radical Painting Group (1976-1984)


Die >Radical Painting Gruppe< der späten 70er und frühen 80er Jahren.Die Gruppe selbst wurde mit Olivier Mosset und Marcia Hafif begonnen und existierte bis etwa 1984, als sich die Gruppe auflöste. Die Gruppe bestand ferner aus : Erik Saxon, Phil Sims, Merrill Wagner, Henry Dale, Doug Sanderson, Susanna Tanger, Anders Knutsson, Jerry Zeniuk, Frederic Matys Thursz, Joseph Marioni.

Sie waren eine Gruppe von Menschen, die sich wieder auf die Malerei besannen. Sie waren auf der Suche, nach der Wurzel der Malerei, das ist einfach Farbe und objektivierte Oberfläche. Man versuchte verschiedene Mittel und Techniken.

Zeniuk , Umberg --- Heilmann,

Jeffrey Collins: PainterJanuary 17, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Well Gail. I was introduced to the Radical/Concrete painting group through a past local gallery in town called Jan Maiden Fine Art. In 1999 she had a show called "Color based Painting: The Root of the actual" in it were Joseph Marioni, Thursz, De Crignis, Tollens, Phil Sims, Ulrich Wellmann, and Joseph Hughes. There was a write up about the show in our local paper speaking about these paintings and their luminescence. So the next Saturday I went down and was bombarded by color in ways I have never seen before. And since that day I've been mostly fascinated with these particular painters. Along with my favs of course, Marden, Ryman (who is not a member of the group even though some people say he was...he sat in at a meeting or two but never made himself out to be a part of the group.) Pollock, Rothko, Kline and Klein.



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Radical Painting (taken from: Catalogue "Radical Painting" Williams College Museum of Art/Williamstown, Massachusetts 1984)