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Diese Seite informiert über die Kunstausbildung an Kunstakademien, Kunsthochschulen und anderen Einrichtungen in Deutschland bzw weltweit. Hier finden Sie die Adressen von den besten Kunstakademien weltweit die ich fast alle selber bereist habe. Da die USA den Hauptmarkt für Künstler darstellen ist eine Ausbildung in den USA mitzubedenken. Klicken Sie die grauen Links oben auf dieser Seite an!

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( from an internet forum ) "I'm making a pretty big decision between California Institute of the Arts (CAL ARTS) and School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I've already been accepted to both and they are about the same cost. SAIC is tide number one in the nation with Yale, and RISD. I really have no idea what CalArts ranking is, but I know its in the top 15. If I go to SAIC, I would get a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Art Education, but if I attend CalArts I would just get a BFA and hopefully land a conceptual art job with Disney (btw CalArts is associated with Disney).Also I would like to know what the school is like, the facilities, the teachers, the students, the campus, the dorms, and most of all scholarships. I know I sound ridiculous, I should be visiting the school, but Its kinda hard to when you live very far away.

For the west coast Cal Arts is probably the top arts school, especially within LA. For animation and the fine arts it is very prestigious and top shelf. A degree from Cal Arts I would assume is just as good or better as Art Institute of Chicago or RISD etc. The place is full of talented artists. The alumni network is huge in LA and SF too. Downsides are Valencia is in the middle of nowhere, but sort of close to LA, and of course the cost is absurd. If you had to finance four years there with loans you would be making a possibly tragic mistake. But the Art Institute of Chicago is the same price as are most Art schools.

If there is a school worth it on the west coast, Cal Arts might be it. But the thought of being a 22 year old BA grad. with 120,000 loan debt is criminal. I don't know about scholarships etc, but be careful with loan debt. It is easy to sign up for it and not think about it, but I know people who do not have the freedom they otherwise would because they have mortgaged their future to go to art school.

But Cal Arts is a strong school.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/los-angeles/288702-california-institute-arts-help.html#ixzz0cOkEmSQ3