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Zentren der Gestaltung von Keramik : USA , Deutschland, England, Frankreich, Dänemark & Skandinavien , Niederlande, China,


About Skandinavien ceramics by Garth Clark  

 The ceramics of Picasso for instance had been a much larger influence as was Japan's 16th century raku tea wares, wood fired pots from Shigaraki and Bizen and the haunting Jomon figures with their clear vertical architecture and incised, open volumes. Into this mix can be thrown a host of other pottery movements that Voulkos and others played with to find their own way from the elegant 1940's stoneware of Scandinavian artists Wilhelm Kage, Carl Harry Stalhane and Stig Lindberg to classical Greek amphorae from two millennia ago. All of this was fuel for a ravenous kiln of invention. Music played an important often understated role, particularly Jazz, as did the art various painters and sculptors from Miró to Wotruba, particularly those who were being shown at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art during that time.

 artists from scandinavia: Bodil Manz, Danmark , Kylliki Salmenhara, Finland ;





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