PAUL Mc CARTHY ( 4.8.1945-


Paul McCarthy/Mike Kelley: 'Heidi'

photo 1 & 2: film stills from the video 'Heidi', 1992

videotape from 1992 (60 min)

The film 'Heidi' by Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy is based on a performance that develops surprising associations between Joanna Spyri's novel Heidi, American and European myths of purity, horror films and the media version of family life. In their work Tony Oursler (1957) and Mike Kelley (1954) display a striking similarity of themes. They both studied at the same art college (Cal. Arts) during the second half of the 70s and they have collaborated on different projects. Their work is based on an ironic combination of the media's biased presentation of present-day society and this darker side of violence and psychic aberrations. Both Kelley and McCarthy express a fascination with the apparently innocent world of childhood, revealing it as a theatre of repression, violence and lack of understanding.