SALOON PHOTOGRAPHS (The Set, The Cast, Action), 1996
Western mimickry -
Film Parody Architecture is the body trap - The swinging doors are an entrance -
You can go in but you can't leave - The cowboy can leave - Repetition -
Architecture is fornicated - Architecture is humped
The father abuses the mother - The father abuses the daughters -
The mother abuses the daughters - The daughter abuses the daughter -
Where's the father? - Where's the mother? -
Ginger, the older sister, is the mother - The mother of the baby sister, Marianne -
The baby sister, Marianne, remains forever young -
The cowboy, the strong, quiet type, in for a whiskey -
Rubs his penis and bangs his hand against the bar
Ignores the sisters - Imagines that he is riding his horse -
Marianne twirls in conditioned excitement and recites -
Trauma creates autistic action - Twirling, an action from a trauma -
Rub, rub, rub on the door jam
Marianne and Ginger - Ginger and Marianne