George Maciunas was the person who founded and named Fluxus.

Personally, I think the video for "I Feel Fine" was as much in the spirit of

Fluxus as anything John did. 1970- Fluxfest presentation centering around John and Yoko with works by

them and others. Johns contributions included "2 eggs" (no description, my

guess is that the title is literal, since that portion also included

Maciunas' flux eggs) The tickets portion.included John's tickets to

"desolate funny unknown and distant places ($1 to $300) chinese theatre, sky

tours, abandoned buildings and narrow streets (10 cents)

John's contribution to "Measure" was ''store to the nearest water." He

contributed a few pieces to "Blue Room" that were additions to previously

existing pieces of Yoko's. He also made a contribution to "The Store," a

change machine that dispensed slugs in exchange for real coins.

1971-John and Yoko's show "This is Not Here" was set up by Maciunas

There was also a mention of other Flux activities that weren't specified.

From "Mr. Fluxus," a history of George Maciunas-John and Maciunas got along

very well and John was very impressed by Maciunas' "bohemian lifestyle."

They also had color blindness in common, which was the basis for John's

fluxkit, a watercolor set with "carefully arranged, brightly colored paints

that can't be distinguished by color blind eyes."

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