Stuart Brisley (1933-

Geboren 1933in Haslemere, England.

Performance Art

Stuart Brisley is the founder of the Artist Project Peterlee in 1976-77. It was re-activated and renamed The Peterlee Project in 2004 by Stuart Brisley and Tim Brennan to accomodate the last quarter of the last century and to produce a living history of the area entitled The Peterlee Project. For further information please see the 2005 adaption of the 1977 Peterlee report by Stuart Brisley. The original report lies in the APG papers in the Tate Archive, Tate Britain.

Stuart Brisley was born in Haselmere, England and lives in London, England. He attended the Guildford School of Art, the Royal College of Art, the Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Munich and the Florida State University in Tallahassee. He has staged many exhibitions, events and live works, mostly in Europe, and contributed articles to several publications.

Stuart Brisley (born in 1933 in (Click link for more info and facts about Haslemere) Haslemere, (A division of the United Kingdom) England) is widely regarded as the godfather of British (Click link for more info and facts about performance art) performance art. Obtaining notoriety during the 1960s and 1970s, his work dealt with challenging the human body in a physical, psychological and emotional manner, and often used (Solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels) faeces as the subject or a material in the construction of his work. He has been a prolific writer, painter, performer, educator and contributor to the British arts scene and has recently helped form the (Click link for more info and facts about UK Museum of Ordure) UK Museum of Ordure.


For a long time, he was professor of Media Fine Art Graduate Studies at the (Click link for more info and facts about Slade School of Art) Slade School of Art, part of the (Click link for more info and facts about University College London) University College London. In 1976, Brisley initiated an (A depository containing historical records and documents) archive of the living memories of the inhabitants of (Click link for more info and facts about Peterlee) Peterlee in (Click link for more info and facts about County Durham) County Durham, a project which has recently been revived with the help of fellow artist (Click link for more info and facts about Tim Brennan) Tim Brennan.


Stuart currently lives in (Click link for more info and facts about Spitalfields) Spitalfields in the (Click link for more info and facts about East End of London) East End of London.


Performance of 'Singing the drawing ydoolb vadnus' and 'To give the voice a voice'


Eye, The - Stuart Brisley

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A review of one of Britain's most influential performance artists and sculptors. Brisley discusses how his art involves punishing tasks and rituals that challenge his own body and those of his audiences. His work also reflects a need to understand and subvert the politics of art and art institutions.


Meine Performances sind gekennzeichnet durch die intuitive Einleitung eines fruchtbaren Prozesses, der eine Art von Befreiung vom Zwang des gesellschaftlichen Lebens auslöst. Es ist nicht "Spielen" wie wie im herkömmlichen Theater, nicht das Interpretieren einer Rolle in Übereinstimmung mit vorbestimmten Bedingungen, d.h. in Übereinstimmung mit einem Drehbuch etc., sondern mehr - obwohl nicht völlig - das Durchführen der Aufgaben.


Einer der Effekte ist das Ersetzen des öffentlichen Selbstbewußtseins des Performers durch sein unmittelbares Selbst zu veranlassen; nicht als Ziel in sich selbst, sondern als Teil des befreienden Prozesses für den Performer. Es verwandelt die Handlung des Performers, und in der "imagination experience" des Publikums, der Teilnehmer und Zuschauer.


Es geschieht dem Performer, der der Auslöser dafür ist es anderen geschehen zu lassen, aber es passiert nicht, wenn nicht andere da sind. (Bei Abwesenheit von Publikum weist die Anwesenheit einer Kamera auf potentielles zukünftiges Publikum). Was dem Performer geschieht wird vom Publikum erfahren als eine Reflexion dessen, was dem Performer geschieht. Sie teilen eine gemeinsame Erfahrung auf unterschiedliche Weise, einer durch den anderen.

Stuart Brisley: "Singing the drawing Ydoolb Yadnus ", Part 2 " I.C.A. London 1999

Stuart Brisley: "Between the wall and the floor in Dark Space", Project Art Centre, Dublin 1979


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