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Spiderman von Stan Lee ( 1922 -

Born Stanley Lieber in New York in 1922, Stan Lee enters the comic book scene at age 17 as assistant editor for the Timely comics group. In 1942 he, is promoted to editor. The group is renamed Atlas and enters a rough period in the fifties, during which sales are. very low. Stan Lee writes numerous stories, mostly for the superhero?comics: 'The Witness', The Destroyer', Uack Frost', Whizzer' and 'Black.Man,el' are but a few of the series he created. The quality of his stories isnt much, but.improves considerably from,1 961 on, , when the group is renamed Marvel Group and starts producing famous titles such as The Fantastic Four','Spider?Man','Doctor Strange','Thor", The Hulk',Sub?Mariner,'.Daredevil'and'Iron Man'.

The strength of Lee's scripts (which he created in collaboration with artist Jack Kirby) is that he.depicts his characters, endowed with super?human abilities, yet with human failings and emotions the reader can identify with. Thanks to Stan Lee's productivity, Marvel becomes very popular during the sixties. In 1972 Lee becomes publisher and editorial director of the group. In 1974, he writes a book titled'Origins of Marvel Comics.

Nowadays, Lee is a controversial figure, being criticized for his insistence on taking credit for every Marvel story, while he himself has retreated from most creative activities.


It was on the pages of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 where the Amazing Spider-Man first appeared. And in March 1963, one year after his first appearance, Spider-Man was starring i n his own comic book and on his way to becoming Marvel Comics' most popular super hero ever!


Through the years, Spider-Man has also been a superpower in the world of licensing, appearing in paperback books, on posters, as an action figure, and in video games. And in addition to his licensing ventures, Spider-Man is also capturing bad guys in a hit animated TV show.

In 1977, Spider-Man began starring in his own newspaper strip written by his creator, Stan Lee. "The Amazing Spider-Man" can be seen in newspapers worldwide, and was a part of the first-ever comic strip/comic book crossover story.

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