Glen Brown ( geb.1966

* Hexham (England), 1966 Glenn Brown studied for his MA at Goldsmiths, London in 1990—2, and his witty theoretical work reflects the intellectual aesthetic emerging from this influential institution at the time. Appropriating and ironically renaming iconic paintings from the canon of Modern art -Auerbach, de Kooning, Karel Appel — he presents exact copies using a tiny brush, which reduces their textures to a completely flat surface, like a colour photograph. This playful enquiry into authenticity, authorship, and celebrity hit the nail directly on the head when in 1994, in the exhibition 'Here and Now' at the Serpentine Gallery, his works were excluded from the show when the Dali Foundation threatened to take legal action over the unauthorized use of their images. Brown began by making trompe I'oeil representations of the moon's surface, but found the results 'too rich in romantic meaning'. In recent works such as Jesus; The Living Dead (after Adolf Schatter), 1997-8, he avoids this problem by reproducing on a billboard scale a scientific rendering of a planetary surface by the American commercial artist Adolf Schaller.

siehe This is Modern Art by Matthew Collings ISBN- 0-8230-5362-8

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