Campus Plan for Black Mountain College at Lake Eden, North Carolina,USA


The Breuer plan grouped buildings around the southwestern shore of Lake Eden near the city of Asheville ,NC,USA


Identification of buildings:

A. Study Building.

B. Dormitories

C. Library

D. Laboratories

E. Auditorium

F. Colored quarters

G. Elementary School

H. Garage

I. Faculty cottages

J. Farm Building


Upper left: Section through lobby

Middle left: Section through auditorium

Across bottom: Section parallel to Lake Eden


'Colored' was the current polite term. Service personnel had been housed on the Blue Ridge Assembly campus. For one year the College had operated a cottage school for faculty children and a few others from the town of Black Mountain. The Lake Eden property had been and continued to be farmed by the College. Notably absent is a gymnasium. There were however, existing fields for ball games.