FACHSCHAFT KUNST :  Methoden und Ziele

Throughout its history, Kant-Gymnasium has been guided by its founding goal of providing an environment which enables students to develop their potential to its fullest extent. At Kant-Gymnasium you can perfect skills in your chosen art while gaining knowledge of the other arts through our Schools of Art, Philosphy, Dance, Film/Video, Music, and Theatre. The Kant-Gymnasium affords you, the student, the opportunity to forge new relationships among the arts, and, where appropriate, to engage in your own interdisciplinary explorations.

At the Kant-Gymnasium you will work closely with a distinguished faculty of practicing artists. We stress both creativity and self-discipline. While teaching the mastery of techniques we strive to respond to your individual needs.

As students you must be prepared to recognize the complexity of political, social, and aesthetic questions and respond to them with informed, independent judgement. At Kant-Gymnasium, these abilities are fostered in the school as well as in the metier.

During your studies at Kant-Gymnasium, you will explore the philosophical, literary, social, and aesthetic dimensions of a diverse culture.

Now, as at the founding, Kant-Gymnasium is committed to being a crucible for artistic exploration. Consequently, the Institute must be in continual state of evolution. While the Institute maintains its commitment to a well-grounded training, the new initiatives described above recognize that the place and energy of the arts is in constant flux, and so, of necessity, Kant-Gymnasium must change and develop. At Kant-Gymnasium, our mandate is to help create the future; we invite you to join us in this adventure.
Above all else, the faculty of art provides a place in which to try out ideas as art, and an intellectual framework from which to understand that attempt.

We give students the necessary room to work, in media that suit their needs, whether that be painting or video, photography or performance, typography or sculpture, digital imaging or sound installation, or, increasingly, new options in multimedia technologies.

Whatever path a student follows, the school offers an intensive educational experience that stresses the importance of individual development.

While enrolled here, students encounter a faculty that has direct knowledge of art making and graphic design practice: all members of the faculty are hired because they continue active careers beyond the classroom. As a result they share insights common to working artists, yet their backgrounds, philosophies and work are diverse. This ensures that students are consistently provided the information and intellectual skills necessary to understand the complexities of the world that professional artists inhabit.

To further enhance students' exposure to contemporary art, the school visits art expositions.This is the key to our enviable success in training.

Klaus Tesching - Department of Art