Bercowetz & Bua Builders ( geb.

Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua accumulate and assemble ramshackle, jheririgged structures from detritus. They are grotesque, awkward, and loaded with meaning.


Supporting these wretched arrangements are complex channels of history, conspiracy theory, and myth; and the architectural sites at which these narratives surface. For example, in "Can Jet Fuel Melt Steel?" a bowling ball perched atop a towering web of wooden skewers conveys skepticism about the collapsed World Trade Center towers. "Architectural Additions" hosts images, text, and an audio recording of David Nash, who tried to "occupy" Governor's Island for his imaginary, one-person political party. Nash sounds rational, if undereducated, and aware of the apparent craziness of his act - yet still convinced of its validity. Our analyst friend jokes, "The Neurotic builds castles in the sky; the Psychotic lives in them." Nash's theory about "king genes" is accompanied by a jingle about "king jeans."


1969 geboren / born in Boston, Massachusetts

1996 The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, BFA

lebt und arbeitet / lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


2009 CRIBS. (mit / with Matt Bua), MASS MOCA, North Adams

Derek Eller Gallery, New York

2008 The Happy Lion, Los Angeles

Derek Eller Gallery, New York

2008 CRIBS. (Solo project with Matt Bua), MASS MOCA, North Adams

Derek Eller Gallery, New York City

The Happy Lion, Los Angeles

2007 Derek Eller Gallery, Project Space

2006 Things Got Legs. (mit / with Matt Bua), Derek Eller Gallery, New York City

The Great Lie Down. (mit / with Matt Bua), Locust Projects, Project Space, Miami

2005 Pent-Up And Under Gone. (mit / with Matt Bua), Jessica Murray Projects, New York City

Braggin Rites. (mit / with Matt Bua), Jack the Pelican Presents, New York City

2004 Trickle Down Town. (mit / with Matt Bua), Edwin W. Zoller Gallery, Penn State University

2003 The Recreation of Fort Discomfort. (mit / with Matt Bua), Rice University Gallery, Houston





Link: http://triplediesel.blogspot.com/2006/10/bercowetz-bua-builders.html